Fresh Bread on a Wood Stove


My family and I greatly enjoy our winters in Idaho. It gets snowy and cold, but the snow stays around and the cold is a crisp cold — not a bone-chilling cold with heavy humidity, like we were used to when we lived on the East Coast. We look forward to the snowshoe hikes, the warmth and coziness of the fire, and the benefits of cooking on a wood stove all winter long. To me there is nothing that says home more than the comforts of a warm house ridden with the sumptuous scents of good home-cooking and bread baking.


When I think of comfort foods, steaming fresh bread comes to mind — with homemade butter and maybe a touch of fresh honey, jelly, or jam. I love using my wood stove for our meals, breads, and baked goods. We are very frugal here in the wilderness, so when I can utilize a free resource instead of one I have to pay for, it only seems right.


What Can You Cook on a Wood Stove?

If you are not used to cooking on a wood stove, it really isn’t that hard at all! Not to mention, it will provide tastier meals than you can imagine. I enjoy placing a roast on my wood stove in the early morning, and letting it simmer until late afternoon or early evening. The roast is beyond tender and the house smells wonderful all day. I have been told already that my husband and boys can smell it outside and it drives them nuts while they are working. The key thing is to check it regularly to be certain that there is still broth in the Dutch oven. The broth or natural juices created by the roast will also make a wonderful soup base for later in the week.

So today, I’m sharing two Boule recipes over at GNOWFGLINS.



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19 thoughts on “Fresh Bread on a Wood Stove

  1. Hi Tammy! Great article on Gnowfglins! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ve been wondering about baking bread on our wood stove…seems a shame to heat up the oven when I have the wood stove going!

    • Thanks so much Lisa Lynn!! Appreciate your kind words and glad you enjoyed. Yes, definitely use your wood stove. It just seems to taste better to me. I enjoy making breads, muffins and a good portion of our meals on the wood stove. For the 1st 6 months in our home I made everything we ate on our wood stove because I didn’t have anything else to cook on. Blessings my dear and thanks so much for taking the time to comment… <3

      • Do you bake the muffins in your Dutch oven too? Our stove isn’t big enough to fit one of those stove top ovens, so I have mostly been cooking stews, soups, sauces, stir fries, things like that. Your tips for heating up the Dutch oven, putting a trivet under it, and heating the lid are very helpful! Thanks 🙂 Now I need to go search for my trivets…I boxed them up somewhere in the basement. It could take awhile to find them!

        • Hi My Dear,
          Yes I do make muffins on the wood stove. I use a cast iron muffin pan which works great!! I have the same trouble you do – my wood stove is not very spacious on top so I have had to find special containers that I can use on it. I will be posting my cornbread muffin recipe this week so stay tuned… Hopefully you found your trivets… You can always use the canning jar rings as well. Blessings and enjoy your weekend… Tam

  2. Awesome recipes and LOVE your cookstove. We have to get ours up and running (flue, flu, flew?) put in (: Wish we had it this past weekend! BURRR! Love your stuff my friend! ((((((hugs))))) Be warm!

    • Mornin Lovely Lady and thank you for your kind words!! I imagine you could have used it this past weekend… Crazy Crazy weather!! I absolutely love the warmth of wood heat and the glow of the fire warms you from the inside out! 🙂 I made my 1st loaf of bread yesterday with freshly ground wheat berries – let me just say WOW!! Stay safe and warm lovely lady!! Blessings.. <3

  3. I hear you on real winters, I love them too. With the smell of fresh bread, and a fire going in the wood stove, it is so nice! We also LOVE snowshoe hikes!

    • Thanks!! I LOVE the stove too!! There is nothing better than the warmth of a woodstove and being able to take in the warm glow of the flame… Best of luck in getting yours and be sure to report back and share some pics….. 🙂 Blessings….

  4. I tried making this on my stove this after noon. It has been cooking for over 3 hours and it still isn’t done. I am using a Dutch Oven that has the feet on it. Is it too far off the stove to get it hot enough? I finally put coals on top and it started cooking some. My thermometer on top of the stove has been reading over 400 the whole time. Sometimes even over 500.

    • Oh Helen I am SO sorry I was tied up yesterday that I was unable to respond to you. I had this happen already too and it could be because the bread is so dense and this recipe makes for a BIG loaf. When that happened to me I had to break it into a smaller loaf size. Don’t give up – I hope you put it in the oven to finish it, if it didn’t complete on the wood stove for you. I will be posting a muffin recipe and another bread recipe this weekend. Also on mine it – I think it was too elevated. I am not an expert, but I LOVE cooking on my wood stove and experimenting all the time…. Let me know what the final outcome was… Blessings my dear lady and look forward to hearing from you…. Tam

  5. Thank you for linking this recipe up to Fresh Bread Friday! I’ve always wanted to learn to cook on a woodstove, maybe I should give it a try sooner rather than later? lol

  6. Hi

    Long time no chat I am trying so hard to get this sour dough recipe for myself and my pastor they have a new wood stove and 6 kids yep 2 sets of twins and 4 more wowzer…anyway my media com wifi does not like me a lot stuck in 2 yr contract how can I get this wonderful looking bread recipe?

    Hugs Love Kymm

    • Hello Lovely Lady,
      So good to hear from you. ABSOLUTELY!! The link is at the bottom of the post, but it tends to be hidden to the readers – I amy need to make that stand out a bit more… 🙂 Here is the link and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and really any bread recipe can be made on the wood stove in the same way so all the bread recipes in my cookbook will be good choices also… 🙂 Here is the recipe

      Be sure to let me know if you need any help and keep in touch!! Miss you girly and may this recipe bless your pastor and his large family too… Large families like that always have such a neat chemistry… Love it…. Love ya lady!! God bless and Merry Christmas! <3