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2 thoughts on “MMJ – My Thoughts

  1. Hi Glen

    I watched your video on you tube about your cabin you built. I am planning on
    building a 16×20 trappers cabin on my registered trapline in the Porcupine Mountains in northern Manitoba, Canada. I am also using 6×6 Timbers and I was wondering if there was a chance of possibly obtaining the building plans to your cabin.


    • Hi Derek,

      This is Tammy his wife… Glen is a bit crazed, but I wanted to get back to you. I am actually working on an e-book with the design, plans and information you would be looking for… It was scheduled for the end of June, but because of Glen’s new product being manufactured I needed to move the completion date into July… I will get back in touch with you when it is completed if you like? Let me know and thanks so much for following him and looking us up… Sounds like you are in a GREAT place too.. God Bless you and yours! Blessings, Tam