Mountain Woman Hot Pepper Mustard

I am so very blessed to have wonderful neighboring land owners.  When they pay us a visit they always bring us wonderful fresh produce from the U-Pick farms in Washington.   This weekend was filled with good company and a lot of kitchen time.  We made another batch of our Trayer Wilderness Homemade Chili Sauce and Salsa getting us 11 more quarts for winter.

This summer our Mountain Boy was on vacation with his grandparents and my Mountain Man was busy outside building things while I was putting up our winter forage and although our Mountain Dog was by my side like velcro awaiting a dropped morsel he was unable to assist without thumbs… 🙂  So I was not only blessed with the produce and the company this time, but also with some help.   It was quite a breath taking experience with all the habanero peppers being sliced.

I’ve included our recipe below.  We tried it out Sunday while entertaining the Stotz’s and our good friend John.  Everyone commented on how clear their sinuses became… 🙂

I look really forward to continue to share our lifestyle, recipes, ideas, tips and stories. We live very frugally and traditionally. We make and bake everything from scratch. We no longer purchase anything processed or packaged. It is a busy lifestyle, but it is very rewarding, healthy and money saving. We also work around a gluten free (wheat free) and casein free (dairy free) diet and I hope to share my knowledge with others. So continue to check back weekly for new posts.

Mountain Woman Hot Pepper Mustard
Recipe Type: condiment, mustard
Author: Mountain Woman Journals c/o Jaime & Casey Lenker
Serves: 16 pints
  • 36 to 40 peppers of your choice (seeded) – we use Habanero Chili’s
  • 4 cups of sugar
  • 1 quart of vinegar
  • 1 quart of yellow mustard
  • 1 1/2 cups of flour
  1. Mix flour and vinegar. Add the rest of the ingredients. Mix with a whisk.
  2. Cook on low to medium heat. Continue to stir and mix until thick.
  3. Add hot mustard to pint sized jars (or jars of choice), add lids, screw rings on tight and let set to seal.


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7 thoughts on “Mountain Woman Hot Pepper Mustard

  1. Whew, I bet their sinuses were cleared out! It even looks spicy! How awesome of them to bring you some additional goodies from off site.

  2. Tammy, thank you for the great mustard you sent with Greg. We have enjoyed it. Is this the recipe? Also thanks for keeping an eye out. Greg found the missing cows today and we will be up tomorrow and bring all home. Not going to fight the gates all hunting season. Have a safe winter. Tori

    • Hi Tori,
      Yes you have the correct recipe… 🙂 Hope you guys like it… Glad you were able to get all the cows… That really tweeks me that people keep leaving your gates open… Hopefully next year we will be able to help you more…. Blessings and you as well have a safe winter…. Be sure to keep in touch…. Tam

  3. I am looking forward to try making your hot mustered. I do have one question, the one quart of yellow mustard. Is that a quart of manufactured mustered such as (frenche’s mustard) ? Or is it mustard seed or some other type of mustard. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks John

    • Hi John, Thank you for joining us and I apologize for my delay in response… The pre-holiday season was quite something this year, but also at the same time quite the blessing. The 1 quart of mustard is mustard powder. I will update the post with a link on where you can find quality mustard powder. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do… Blessings to you and yours!