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MWJ Wilderness Survival SeriesLast week I started my MWJ Survival Series.   I started things by discussing my chosen day pack and the contents within.  I feel survival mindedness and survival skills are your most important skills and these skills could some day save your life or that of another.  If you missed last weeks post and video you can catch up  here at MWJ Survival Series #1.

This week we will be moving on to what I feel is the most important survival skill – fire starting methods and how to utilize them.

Without fire – you are unable to stay warm, dry and are missing a key component to sterilizing water which is an absolute necessity for your survival.

This week we discussed modern day forms of fire starting, such as your fire strikers, magnesium and ferosium rods, flint and steel and of course a lighter.

Although, to many, these are simple and well known methods of fire, there are many men, women and children that have never heard of these methods and even worse do not know how to use them.  Modern day tools are great to carry, but if you are carrying an item in your pack that you don’t know how to use, you are truly no better off.

My goal with this series is to share my knowledge of the outdoors, inspire you to venture into the outdoors more often and to feel knowledgeable and safe while there and to know how to handle yourself and to survive in unexpected situations.

Below you will find my YouTube video to go along with the MWJ Survival Series #2 – Modern day fire starting methods and how to use them.  Please watch and educate yourself.  There will be more education on fire starting next week along with a full explanation on what CHAR is for those that are not familiar with that term as well as how to make your own.

This series has also become a part of my radio show every Wednesday on the Survival Mom Radio Network.  I will discuss the topic on the show and then back it up with a post and a video to walk you through what ever skill I am discussing each week.

After you watch the below video – do not go out and buy anything.  We will discuss the contents further and from there you can determine what may work best for you.  The only thing I would suggest is if you are interested in the pack that I carry – that would be a sure fire purchase in getting you started.  I will provide a link to Jaret Owen’s site for his pack and some additional stores that I would recommend here online…  Great prices, quality and customer service.

I would love to know which method I showed you this week was your favorite and why?

Join me next week for Survival Series #3.

MWJ Survival Series #2 - Modern fire starting methods and how to use them

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