Podcast #68: 7 Ways To Keep Sane When Things Are Falling Apart

Adversity Introduces A Man To HimselfSeptember 24, 2014: In today’s show, while still celebrating National Preparedness Month, I thought I would talk about the varying ways to stay sane while things may be falling apart around you.  Keeping your coping mechanisms in check during any form of adversity will make the situation easier and may even save your life.

How Do You Cope?  

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #68: 7 Ways To Keep Sane When Things Are Falling Apart

  1. So sad: I much prefer to read than to listen….wish this was available as a blog article.
    I don’t do “radio”. (computer radio, that is)

    • Carol,
      Good Morning! I really appreciate your feedback. Many of the other ladies have started to transcribe their shows for their readers, but I had held off because I hadn’t had anyone specify the need. I am very thankful to know that you would appreciate it in writing and I will work towards getting my shows available in writing for you and other that may be interested!! Again I appreciate your feedback and look forward to getting to know you.
      Blessings lovely and stay tuned! Tam