Quality Entertainment For The Winter Months

Quality Entertainment For The Winter Months

Our weather is so crazy across the country these days and our winter months provide us with a bit more downtime than the rest of the year.  We would still much rather be outside vs inside if possible, but we have been getting constant ran this year again!  UGH!!  I LOVE being able to snowshoe and hike in the winter months and we have been getting some hikes in, but we have had mud up to our eyeballs and with it getting dark earlier in the winter we like to find things we can do as a family.

Sure you have those days where it is just nice to let your brain melt down and veg while watching a good movie on Amazon Prime or places like Netflix.  We don’t have tv and haven’t for over 8 years and you know, we don’t miss it!

We have iJigger’s as the Mountain Man calls them.  And sure there are nights to which we research, read, etc..  But we find our best times are had playing games…  Not the video games that most are accustomed to, but we get the old board games and decks of varying card games out… Game on!! 🙂

One game I would like to highlight is Doom & Bloom Survival which I am proud to highlight because this game was designed by fellow bloggers to which you can find at DoomAndBloom.net.

Their Doom & Bloom Survival is a kid and family friendly game about preparedness and strategy.  I think you will all enjoy it greatly.  Most prepper games are the Doom and Gloom and they have created a nice game that focuses more on your skills.

Here is a list of the various games that we enjoy playing:

One of the biggest reasons we enjoy the traditional games over anything is the quality family time we get which includes good conversation and a lot of laughter.  Dig out your old games and give it a try…

If you aren’t aware that I do a weekly radio show you can join me and listen to my recent show that also discussed the games we choose and why.

Mountain Woman Radio #85 Gardening and Winter EntertainmentMountain Woman Radio Podcast #85 – Gardening and Winter Entertainment


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One thought on “Quality Entertainment For The Winter Months

  1. Hello Tammy,
    Thank you so much for answering my question about the games your family plays. What a great list.
    I will be purchasing some of these for sure. I’m sorry I have only just listened to No 85 this afternoon as we sadly lost my elderly Dad a couple of weeks ago and our life is just getting back to some sort of normal, after lots of visitors and all the things that needed to be taken care of. He was 93 and lived a wonderful life and he had a most peaceful, pain free passing. Whilst I miss him very much I am so happy he is now with The Lord.
    It is our first day of Autumn tomorrow. My favourite season of all. We will be starting to prepare for the colder months now and although we have a very mild winter compared to you, we still will be lighting our wood heater most days for about 4 or 5 months. I usually cook on the heater during the colder months.
    I am not sure whether you have covered this topic or not but I was wondering how you prepare for bush fires, or I guess you call them forest fires over there. We live in dairy country here with quite open paddocks surrounding us but there is a mountain further up our road that is a National Park and thickly covered with trees and vegetation and the farms further up have had a few scares from fires over the years. Do you have a fire plan?
    I enjoy your podcasts very much and will now have more time to check out your site and all the interesting things you have on it. I especially enjoy the way you honour The Lord in all you do. So lovely to see.
    Take care and many blessings