Trayer Wilderness Off-Grid Homestead Tour With Beyond Off Grid

Homesteading Traditionally Off-Grid Today ~ Preparedness & Survival For Tomorrow


It was a great honor and privilege to be a part of the Beyond Off Grid Summit/Webinars.

As you all know, we feel very led to share our knowledge, skills and inspiration in these uncertain times.

We decided to give you a tour of your homestead, show you around a bit and offer some tips and tricks along the way.

If you missed the live presentation, you can catch the tour here.

If you are unfamiliar with our personal story, you can read more about us in detail here.

In this webinar, Tammy will discuss the following topics:

  • Why they chose to go back to their roots
  • Why they chose a life with 100% solar power
  • How they built their homestead
  • How they embraced a frugal self-reliant lifestyle while letting God lead the way
  • How they raise animals, harvest wild game and forage from their surroundings
  • How they grow and preserve most of their own foods, and their future plans for growth
  • How they utilize their skills on their homestead and in making an income
  • How they feel traditional knowledge and primitive skills will keep them moving forward
  • How homeschooling and their lifestyle changed their son’s life


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Tammy is a Christian, freelance writer, author, radio show host, web designer, pioneer, homesteader, avid outdoorswoman, huntress, frugally self-sufficient Momma, homeschool teacher and advocate for one amazing young Mountain Boy with autism & aspergers, married to her best friend, her cowboy and Mountain Man of her dreams.
Her articles can be found in The New Pioneer, American Frontiersman, Self Reliance Illustrated, Survivor’s Edge, Personal and Home Defense, Prepare Magazine, The Backwoodsman and Cabin Life Magazine.
Be sure to listen to her weekly radio show here under Mountain Woman Radio above.

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2 thoughts on “Trayer Wilderness Off-Grid Homestead Tour With Beyond Off Grid

  1. I have a question more than a comment. That is: Is it possible to live the way you and others are off grid being older and in not such good health? I am drawn to the off grid life style but am older and in not such good health. So I really don’t see me buying a piece of land and moving there, etc. What can I incorporate where I am – a rural town – to be more self sufficient. Where would you suggest a person start? Thanks! And God bless.

    • Ellen, There are SO many things you could do where you are and I also feel that you could embrace a lifestyle like ours, but you may need to do things a bit differently to accommodate your needs. I started to respond to this and decided that I could be more helpful and provide more details by writing a blog post. Stay tuned – I will try to cover this in a post in the next couple of days. I so appreciate you taking the time to ask this and join us. I look forward to communicating with you more. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas! Thank you again Ellen.